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  • Annette KUR, Affiliated Fellow at the Max-Planck-Institute
  • Verena VON BOMHARD, Founding Partner at BomhardIP
  • Philipp VON KAPFF, Member of EUIPO’s Boards of Appeal in Alicante

Moderator: Dr. mr. Anke MOERLAND (LL.M.), Associate Professor of IP Law, Maastricht University

We all know the cases of brands that, after having experienced a time of great success, have been phased out but live on in consumers’ memories. Time after, someone rescues them for a second successful life: the vintage brands. Can / Should these marks be canceled? In whose interest can the continuation of their protection be justified? Does this depend on the time that lapses between cessation of use and brand revival? Is bad faith the correct tool for dealing with brand revival? Does an assumption of bad faith clash with the necessity to use marks to maintain their protection? Does the reason for the original cessation of use have an impact on the assessment of bad faith? (purely commercial/socio-economic/political/generational reasons?) What can brand owners actively do to maintain the protection of previously well-known brands that are discontinued (aside from using – and genuinely so!)? These and other fascinating questions will be discussed in our 24 Global Digital Encounter.

Schedule: The session will be held from 4.00 to 5.10 pm using the online platform Microsoft Teams.
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