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  •  Jorge L. CONTRERAS, Professor of Law at the University of Utah and Director of the Program on Intellectual Property Law & Policy
  •  Elena KOSTADINOVA, Legal and Policy Officer, DG Grow, Intangible Economic Department, European Commission
  •  Ruud PETERS, Founder and director of Peters IP Consultancy B.V. and Former Chief IP Officer and Executive Vice President of Philips
  •  Jorge PADILLA, Senior Managing Director de Compass Lexecon en Europa. Consejero Académico de Fide.

Fide and TIPSA (Transatlantic Intellectual Property Academy) present the 17th Global Digital Encounter in which we’ll gather with IP experts from the Netherlands, the United States, the European Commission and Spain to discuss the relevant topic that’s Licensing Standars Essential Patents.

SEP licensing remains as controversial as ever. Some licensees complain about uncertainty regarding essentiality, patent hold up and royalty stacking, and propose licensing at component level at royalties based on the price of such components. Some licensors complain about unwilling licensees, patent hold out and litigation strategies involving multiple jurisdictions. In this context, we wish to debate:
1. What can a body like the European Commission do to minimise conflict and ensure that IP holders are fairly compensated and implementers have access to standards at reasonable prices.
2. What is the contribution that patent pools can make to achieve those goals?
3. Whether a global dispute resolution mechanism could help and what are the obstacles for that mechanism to materialise?

Methodology: The dynamic of the session will respect the usual rules of Fide and the participation and interaction of the speakers and attendees as well, making only the changes required for its celebration on line. All sessions organized at Fide are convened under the Chatham House Rule, participants have the right to use the information they receive, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of any other participant may be revealed.

Schedule: The session will be held from 5.00 to 6.00 pm using the online platform Microsoft Teams.
The time shown is adjusted to the time zone of Peninsular Spain (Balearic Islands included). To check your time zone difference, please visit this link:

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  •  Manuel DESANTES REAL, Professor of Private International Law, University of Alicante. Of Counsel, Elzaburu. Fide Academic Advisor
  •  Javier FERNÁNDEZ-LASQUETTY QUINTANA, Partner at Elzaburu SLP, Fide Academic Advisor
  •  Laurent MANDERIEUX, Adjunct Professor of Intellectual Property Law and International and European Law, Member of the Directorate Board, Bocconi University. Fide Academic Advisor


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