Maritime Arbitration – a German Perspective

By virtue of Fide’s institutional relationships, we are pleased to present this activity developed together with the German Maritime Association (GMMA), that will take place on the 20th of April, in Madrid. In order to attend it is essential to request your assistance through the AreaFide platform*.

The session will be held in English.


  •  Simone CLAUSSEN LL.M, Treasurer of GMAA, Counsel at Lebuhn & Puchta, Hamburg
  •  Gregor HARBS, Chair of GMAA, Partner at Ahlers & Vogel, Hamburg.
  •  Nicoletta KRÖGER, Vice Chair of GMAA, Partner at CORVEL, Hamburg


  •  Markus GÓMEZ, Member of the Cuatrecasas German Desk. Specialist in maritime and transportation law; advises on procedural practice and arbitration, and on national and international dispute resolution.

The GMAA offers to the worldwide maritime industry out-of-court proceedings to settle disputes. The proceedings offered include in particular arbitration but also extend to mediation, conciliation, adjudication and expert determination.

During the session we will address ad discuss the advantages of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, in particular arbitration, over dispute resolution by state courts and the benefits GMAA arbitration can offer.

Methodology: The dynamic of the session will respect the usual rules of Fide and the participation and interaction of the speakers and attendees as well, making only the changes required for its celebration on line. All sessions organized at Fide are convened under the Chatham House Rule, participants have the right to use the information they receive, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of any other participant may be revealed.

Schedule: The session will be held from 3.00 to 5.00 pm. Prior to the session, there will be served some snacks and drinks at 2.15 to 2.50 pm.

Location: FIDE Headquarters at COAM (C/Hortaleza 63, Madrid)

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