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  • Robert Honeywell, Head of Bankruptcy & Restructuring Practice at Curtis International Law Firm
  • Adrian Thery, Head of the Restructuring & Insolvency Department at Garrigues Law Firm
  • Francisco José Garcimartín Alférez, Chair Professor of Private International Law at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Member of FIDE’s Academic Council

In this session we will analyse, from a comparative-law perspective, the legal framework governing insolvencies in the USA and in Spain and we will comment on the advantages and disadvantages of either system. In particular, in a restructuring scenario, we will focus on the most relevant tools contained in Chapter 11 (US “Bankruptcy Code”) and in the Spanish bankruptcy law and the consequences of using one system or the other. This analysis may be very relevant in the context of the implementation of the EU Restructuring Directive in our country, since this instrument follows the Chapter 11 system.

Methodology: The dynamic of the session will respect the usual rules of Fide and the participation and interaction of the speakers and attendees as well, making only the changes required for its celebration on line.

Schedule: The session will be held from 4.00 to 5.30 pm using the online platform Microsoft Teams.


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