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  •  Egelyn BRAUN, Digital Fairness EU Consumer Law Fitness Check Coordinator, DG Justice and Consumers, European Commission
  •  Juan ESPINOSA GARCÍA, Socio Fundador, Silverback Advocacy.

The adaptation of the Consumer Protection Agenda has ranked high in the European Institutions´ priorities during the current and soon to be expired political term 2019-2024. With a myriad of public interests involved, often outreaching the remit of pure contractual fairness such as protection of minors and even public health issues, and multiple initiatives devised and developed in parallel, the management of evaluating, proposing and eventually passing these initiatives has offered a rich canvas for testing different Smart Regulation principles. Namely: necessity and proportionality, evidence-based regulation, coherence, territorial uniformity and effectiveness. All of this, within the context of the ever-growing digitisation of our economies and societies.

With a focus on the so-called Fitness Check on Digital Fairness and the related regulatory vehicles recently discussed at the EU level, this session will shed some light on what the current practice and state-of-the art is as regards the policy design, institutional and transactional elements that conduce to -or undermine- a proper appraisal of those principles and a sound incorporation thereof in the specific regulation at stake. 

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